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The way I work:

There's lots of therapy models out there and of course as human beings with access to Tik Tok and Instagram we want the quickest fix, we want results now. I completely understand the desperation that not feeling happy with your life can come with. Person-centred therapy is not a quick fix, it is all about the relationship which is why its important we connect. I am not a doctor and treating the symptoms does not bring you inner peace. Person-centred therapy involves me seeing the world through your eyes, being willing to fully trust each other and share some things you may have never told anyone before.

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My personal journey and experience

I struggled with my own personality, self image, self esteem and the loneliness, shame, self destruction and hatred that comes with that for years, from my childhood, throughout my adolescence and into adulthood. This highlighted the passion inside me, to never leave another feeling the way I felt in those moments. This inspired my journey into counselling, delving deeper throughout parenthood, raising multiples with my children mirroring further unhealed wounds and recovering from narcissistic relationships. I have had years of therapy myself which makes me confident and incredibly supportive to the fact that anyone can do this. I am utterly shocked at the changes I have made throughout the years, seeing how different my life could have turned out.

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Service costs

Before I charge for any session, I offer an initial chat to see if we feel a connection. This session is to get to know each other and ensure we connect, which is essential in ensuring I am the right counsellor for you as the relationship is paramount to growth

If you feel I am the right fit for you, then we can discuss scheduling our sessions at a time that suits both of us. 

I offer different rates depending on circumstances and timing, I also encourage you to reach out if you're concerned about cost as I attempt to make counselling as accessible as I can, where I can. 

*Evening sessions may incur further charges. Please enquire for further details.

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